10.5" LED Witch Lighted Water Tombstone
Halloween witch water globe with tombstone surround, cauldron, bats, skull topper, carved back

10.5" LED Witch Lighted Water Tombstone

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👻💀 "Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble"!! Shakespeare had it right...this watern lantern tombstone showcasing a potion-preparing witch is the perfect accent for your Halloween decor. Turn it onto the timer function and it will stay on for six hours, shut itself off, then come on every day at the same time (for six hours) until you turn off the power switch...a great feature for those who want to place it in a hard-to-reach location!  

 Know someone who collects snowglobes? I bet they don't have one like this!

  • Continuous Swirling Glitter, Gently Flip To Loosen Glitter, To Avoid Damage Do Not Shake
  • 6 Hour Timer Repeats Every 18 Hours
  • Requires 3 C Batteries
  • Includes USB Cord
  • Does Not Include USB Power Adapter
  • Do Not Use With USB Power Adapter Exceeding 1.5 Amps